New album ‘Mesmerism’ out now!

👁 Here we are. Today is the day. A new album, a new sound, a new angle. This time we are going instrumental and a bit sideways. You may have heard ‘Cataplexy’ and ‘Flamenco’ by now, here’s the rest of the vision.I’d love to... more



If you’re a Newtown local, you’re probably aware of the ever-present sound of Diana Reyes Flamenco Dance studio on south King St. I’ve heard the tapping, stamping and clapping from the street for at least 20 years and have always loved the sound. I asked... more


‘Cataplexy’ Remixes Out Now

It’s been a while between remixes but here comes a batch of beautiful remixes of my new single ‘Cataplexy’. The package contains 6 really deep takes on this deeply melodic headspace. There’s an absolute banger from Christopher Port, a delightfully deep Berlin bells-and-bleep take from... more


Watch the music video for new single ‘Cataplexy’

Here it is, the first video from my forthcoming album ‘Mesmerism’. The album originally came about as a collaborative, live, audio/visual gig with composer and visual artist Damian Barbeler. I finally get to explore synthesthetic video with him in this one. I’m also super happy... more


‘Recital’ on this week at Riverside, Parramatta

I love going to weirdo new-classical music gigs and the best source of that in Sydney is Ensemble Offspring. Claire Edwardes is the boss of that operation. She asked me to collaborate on an upcoming show she was doing with amazing contemporary dancer Richard Cilli.... more


How To Rule The World Update

Woohoo. Opening night for “How to Rule the World” was insane. Such an incredible crowd response. Check it out if you can. I really enjoyed doing the music for this. Nakkiah is such an important voice in our culture, raising lots of questions hitting the... more


New single ‘Cataplexy’ out now!

Today is the day I release my first new music in fucking ages – “Cataplexy” is out now, and I’m so proud of this one. It started out with some beautiful, treated fireworks samples supplied by my video collaborator Damian Barbeler and turned into an... more


The Rise and Fall of St. George update

As a lot of you know, our St. George mural was destroyed after the same-sex marriage result survey announcement last year. It’s been a traumatic period but my one therapy was to create something beautiful out of something really horrible. I’ve been rehearsing with an... more


New play “How To Rule The World” starts Feb 15

I’m so excited about this one. I was invited to write the music for Nakkiah Lui’s new play “How To Rule the World” (in conjunction with legendary theatre composer Steve Francis). I’m such a huge fan of Nakkiah and I jumped at the opportunity when... more


The Rise and Fall of St. George

I’ve been working on something very dear to my heart for the last year, and I can finally announce that it is happening. The mural commissioned by me and Jonny was a tribute to our beautiful friend George. The artist Scott Marsh elevated him to... more