15 years of ‘Panic Room’

Wow how time flies. It’s been 15 years since I released my second solo album Panic Room. I’d moved back from the Blue Mountains and rebuilt my studio in a basement in Newtown. It was totally underground, had no windows except a TV security monitor to see outside and it felt like a…Panic Room. I hadn’t listened to this album for about 10 years until recently. I was on a long drive in a hire car with a cranking sound system and for some reason I felt like revisiting it. It made me cry and smile so hard.

There are so many beautiful songs sung by an incredible bunch of friends. Thank you Lenka, Ngaiire, Peta Morris, Aaradhna, Luke Steele, Abby Dobson (with a brief cameo from my then 5yo godless daughter SJ) who provided the soul and heart for what I was trying to express. So much pain, joy, and love. I will always be grateful for your voices and your heartfelt expression and enthusiasm. I’ve still got the album artwork hanging up at home. Give it a spin if you wish!

Love, Mac!