Paul Mac


Here To Hell – 03/05/2019
  1. Mesmerism
  2. Seeking a Home In The Goldilocks Zone
  3. Nightingale feat. Lamorna Nightingale
  4. Redfern Address
  5. Charnel Hill feat. Jason Noble
  6. Cataplexy
  7. Six Years in Seven Minutes
  8. Flamenco

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Holiday From Me

Eleven: A Music Company – 03/04/2015
  1. Holiday From Me (Feat. Kira Puru)
  2. Inside Outerspace (feat. Benjamin Fraser)
  3. State Of War (feat. Kira Puru & Goodwill)
  4. Idiot (feat. Megan Washington)
  5. Mystery To Me (feat. Ngaiire)
  6. Exit Strategy (feat. Ngaiire)
  7. My Friend (feat. Shaun J Wright and Stereogamous)
  8. Anechoic (feat. Tim Derricourt)
  9. Someone Else (feat. Ngaiire)
  10. FAQ (feat. Brendan Maclean and Nathan Hudson)
  11. Not Even Jesus (feat. Dave Mason)


Love Declaration

Eleven: A Music Company – 11/03/2006
  1. Love Declaration (feat. Aaradhna) [single mix]
  2. Love Declaration (feat. Aaradhna) [Mr Timothy remix]
  3. It’s Not Me, It’s You (feat. Ngaiire) [single mix]
  4. It’s Not Me, It’s You (feat. Ngaiire) [The Presets remix]
  5. Love Declaration (feat. Aaradhna) [Rogue Traders vocoder dub]


Paul Mac Panic Room

Panic Room

Eleven: A Music Company – 17/10/2005
  1. Panic Room (feat. Lenka)
  2. It’s Not Me, It’s You (feat. Ngaiire)
  3. Sunshine Eyes (feat. Peta Morris)
  4. Love Declaration (feat. Aaradhna)
  5. Never Been Before (feat. Sarah McLeod)
  6. Heaven Where You Find It (feat. Lenka)
  7. As Long As I Am (feat. Luke Steele)
  8. All We Really Want (feat. Peta Morris)
  9. Slow Tome Down (feat. Aaradhna)
  10. The Beggining Of The End Of Time (feat. Sarah-Jane Rantzen and Abby Dobson)


Sunshine Eyes

Eleven: A Music Company – 26/09/2005
  1. Sunshine Eyes
  2. Sunshine Eyes (Paul Mac & Nick Littlemore Remix)
  3. Panic Room (Radio Edit)



Eleven: A Music Company – 05/08/2002
  1. Stay
  2. Gonna Miss You (Reincarnation Mix)
  3. Stay (Wok Institute Remix)
  4. Rainbow
  5. Stay (The Late Nite Mix)


3000 Feet High

Eleven: A Music Company – 06/08/2001
  1. Above The Clouds (feat. Abby Dobson)
  2. Just The Thing (feat. Peta Morris)
  3. See You Much Later (feat. Peta Morris)
  4. The Sound Of Breaking Up (feat. Peta Morris)
  5. Gonna Miss You (feat. Abby Dobson)
  6. Heatseeking Pleasure Machine (feat. Tex Perkins)
  7. Set You Free (feat. Peta Morris)
  8. Stay (feat. Jacqui Hunt)
  9. Post jesus (feat. Jacqui Hunt)
  10. Everywhere I Go (feat. Elizabeth Martin)
  11. 1Rave Goodbye
  12. 1Disconnected
  13. 1The Making Of 3000 Feet High (Video)
  14. 1Just The Thing (video)


Gonna Miss You

Eleven: A Music Company – 18/03/2002
  1. Gonna Miss You
  2. Above The Clouds
  3. Gonna Miss You (Kinobe Remix)
  4. Drip ‘n Drop
  5. Gonna Miss You (Pianapella Mix)


The Sound Of Breaking Up

Eleven: A Music Company – 29/10/2001
  1. The Sound Of Breaking Up
  2. The Sound Of Breaking Up (Paulmac’s Afterdark Remix)
  3. The Sound Of Breaking Up (L’more Remix)
  4. Just The Thing (Sgt Slick’s Vinylvoyage Club Mix)


Just The Thing

Eleven: A Music Company – 04/06/2001
  1. Just The Thing
  2. Just The Thing (Funk Corporation’s Remix)
  3. See You Much Later
  4. Just The Thing (Stephen Allkins with Stereogamous Remix)


Heatseeking Pleasure Machine

Eleven: A Music Company – 26/02/2001
  1. Heatseeking Pleasure Machine (Paulmac)
  2. Heatseeking Pleasure Machine [Stereogamous Remix] (Paulmac)
  3. Heatseeking Pleasure Machine [General Electrik Remix] (Paulmac)
  4. Heatseeking Pleasure Machine [Itchee & Scratchee Remix] (Paulmac)