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15 years of ‘Panic Room’

Wow how time flies. It’s been 15 years since I released my second solo album Panic Room. I’d moved back from the Blue Mountains and rebuilt my studio in a basement in Newtown. It was totally underground, had no windows except a TV security monitor... more


Music for ‘MATON’ by Stereogamous and Nick Wales

Here’s a sweet one. Our friend Nick Wales asked Stereogamous to collaborate on an installation featuring Maton guitars for the amazing Powerhouse Museum. It’s not often we get to play and mix actual guitars but it came out so nice people kept asking for a... more


New track ‘Full Circle’ out now

I haven’t released much straight-up dance bangery in a while now so when Jack (Willaris. K) gave me the call and sounded like he was a delightful chap, I said yes to writing a track together. He had the joy for techno that I used... more