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POOF DOOF Jan 18 with Peta Morris

I’m pretty stoked to re-unite with Peta Morris to perform our anthem “Just the Thing” at POOF DOOF this week. I’ll be spinning some fun tunes and Peta will get up for a special performance and together we will celebrate the end of the lockouts! We haven’t done this together since…forever, so I reckon the vibe in the room will be pretty amazing. See ya there! Tickets:




Rhymes with “monogamous” but isn’t. This is my project with Jonny Seymour. We DJ weird, deep, tech, future music and do remixes. These include, -George Michael “White Light”... more

Itch-E & Scratch-E

After a deep slumber, Itch-E & Scratch-E returned from the rave in 2010 and released “Hooray For Everything” on Ministry of Sound. Check out the results on Youtube.... more

The Dissociatives

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