Holiday From Me

Eleven: A Music Company – 03/04/2015
  1. Holiday From Me (Feat. Kira Puru)
  2. Inside Outerspace (feat. Benjamin Fraser)
  3. State Of War (feat. Kira Puru & Goodwill)
  4. Idiot (feat. Megan Washington)
  5. Mystery To Me (feat. Ngaiire)
  6. Exit Strategy (feat. Ngaiire)
  7. My Friend (feat. Shaun J Wright and Stereogamous)
  8. Anechoic (feat. Tim Derricourt)
  9. Someone Else (feat. Ngaiire)
  10. FAQ (feat. Brendan Maclean and Nathan Hudson)
  11. Not Even Jesus (feat. Dave Mason)