3000 Feet High

Eleven: A Music Company – 06/08/2001
  1. Above The Clouds (feat. Abby Dobson)
  2. Just The Thing (feat. Peta Morris)
  3. See You Much Later (feat. Peta Morris)
  4. The Sound Of Breaking Up (feat. Peta Morris)
  5. Gonna Miss You (feat. Abby Dobson)
  6. Heatseeking Pleasure Machine (feat. Tex Perkins)
  7. Set You Free (feat. Peta Morris)
  8. Stay (feat. Jacqui Hunt)
  9. Post jesus (feat. Jacqui Hunt)
  10. Everywhere I Go (feat. Elizabeth Martin)
  11. 1Rave Goodbye
  12. 1Disconnected
  13. 1The Making Of 3000 Feet High (Video)
  14. 1Just The Thing (video)