The Rise and Fall of St. George

I’ve been working on something very dear to my heart for the last year, and I can finally announce that it is happening.

The mural commissioned by me and Jonny was a tribute to our beautiful friend George. The artist Scott Marsh elevated him to sainthood as a representation of how highly he was regarded by so many people. He was revered by the queer community, outsiders, and fans of his divine voice, music and the bravery in how he lived his life.

It lived for eleven months as a beautiful part of Newtown culture and was destroyed two days after the “yes” result was announced from the same-sex marriage survey.
I’ve written an electronic music-theatre work about the whole experience incorporating some amazing soloists that I love, a choir and some weird electronic music. It sounds and feels like the initial hopelessness, the consequent and continuing fear for safety, the joy of community and the will to continue to grow, love, express and move forward.

This concert is a work in progress that I would love to share with you. The dream is to get it to a full theatre experience, but Mardi Gras have offered me this amazing chance to share it with you as it grows. More details to come, but trust me, grab a ticket now by clicking here. This will be one of the best things i have ever attempted. Love wins.

Click here for tickets.