If you’re a Newtown local, you’re probably aware of the ever-present sound of Diana Reyes Flamenco Dance studio on south King St. I’ve heard the tapping, stamping and clapping from the street for at least 20 years and have always loved the sound. I asked her one day if I could record a rehearsal and she politely agreed as long as I sat in the corner and didn’t interrupt her class.

With this recording I edited some rhythms, put them through crazy audio treatments and built this 10-minute journey out of it. You can hear the footsteps that suggest a bass line, that suggest a melody etc. In the last bleepy section I transcribed the rhythms and made a ravel-bleep symphony out of them. The dancer in the video, Maceo, was in her class. Fun fact: He is the son of one of my old backing vocalists and came to my house as a kid when his mum was rehearsing for Paul Mac tours. How cool is that?

Very happy to show you my new single ‘Flamenco’, taken from my forthcoming album ‘Mesmerism’, out May 3. Enjoy!