Hey kids,
it’s been a while between drinks (or whatever) since my last site went up (or down), so you may ask…how did i get here, what are we doing, how are you going? well, in the years since panic room, i’ve been behind the scenes making some shit that i love. it just hasn’t comeunder the [paul mac] logo. i’ve just been creating some stuff that makes me love the future.

i did some stuff with the chair for “young modern”…, toured the world with them, got lost and went mad in a tourbus, blogged about it, wrote some crazy theatrical shit for frank woodley (legendary oz performance comic), did my first film score “beautiful”(if you are looking at the DVD store/torrent sites), remixed faker “are you magnetic”, lenka “trouble is a friend”, shelley harland “wonder” amongst others. kept doing crazy remixes and DJ sets with my alter ego and partner in crime… stereogamous, wrote some songs with the cassettekids (i love those guys!!!!), done some way experimental tech with my previous partner in crime, itch-e (stay tuned folks….. some really nice tech is coming!), been working on whatever the next paul mac album will be (but you have to trust me here. i’m pretty slow as the quality control is pretty fucken high, that’s why i’m taking so long, but trust me. when we get there it will be worth it!!!) and some cool new mixes to come outta new york etc.

anyways, i’m boring myself with what might be, and waiting to just shut up and put it out, but just want you to know that what you love is what you get, and what you get you give back, and i’ll see ya real soon with some nu tunes you are gonna love.

Paul Mac!!