New album ‘Mesmerism’ out now!

👁 here-to-hell.lnk.to/Mesmerism

Here we are. Today is the day. A new album, a new sound, a new angle. This time we are going instrumental and a bit sideways. You may have heard ‘Cataplexy’ and ‘Flamenco’ by now, here’s the rest of the vision.
I’d love to thank Kim and Mike / Here to Hell for having the vision, and everyone that has come along for this beautiful ride. Let me know what you think!

One of the most important tracks on the album is called ‘Redfern Address’ – you can hear it below. I wanted to create something using spoken word… I tried lots of different speeches and techniques converting audio to pitch and other technical stuff. I immediately thought of Paul Keating’s iconic Redfern Speech. It is powerful, historic and still mega-relevant. It reminded me of a time when our political leaders had vision, spoke their truth, and thought more about important social issues rather than just trying to win the next election. I did not wish to speak for indigenous people and I edited together all of the sentences that were directed at white society, and how white people had to change. Sound-wise I left it pretty much untouched and just soundtracked it to emphasise Keating’s powerful words and intentions. I wrote to him via his EA and he responded giving me his blessing to use it. It was a really beautiful day receiving that email. I wish it was on actual paper, I’d frame it. What a legend!