Mr Whippy & More!

Hey peeps,

From time to time i get some bizarre requests for production stuff, but this latest one is worth sharing.

Vivacity asked me to remix “Greensleeves” (the classic Mr Whippy van theme) for a promotion of outdoor events they’ve been doing.

At first i thought it was a kind of a strange idea, but when I did it, I ended up loving it! Everyone that’s heard it is into it too.

Anyway, they made a short, cool clip for it which is now up on youtube. Check it out HERE.

Also i’ve added some photos to¬†Myspace of me and DJ Seymour Butz doing our thing around town and most recently at the Sydney Big Day Out in the Silent Disco (Ooh and there’s one with this hot chick I met too).

More soon, love ya.
cheers mac!