More ‘Beautiful’ – Soundtrack by Paul Mac

hey peeps

here is part 2 of the ‘beautiful’ film score. these are my other fave tracks that i would like to share with you.

it’s all a little dark with these tracks but i’m sure some of you will like that part the most!

‘Beautiful Darkness’ The Scare feat. Paul Mac

This was used for the closing titles. I got The Scare to do a fucked up rendition of the theme with me joining them on keys. Too much fun. Love these guys.

The Opera
The most melodramatic part where it all goes pearshaped. Full dramatic opera baby!

You Don’t Have the Balls (or do you?)

The first real part of the film that will scare you! I love this one – Got the string section to bend with my moods. Good, good times.

enjoy – let me know what ya think.

love ya