beautiful the movie. soundtrack by paul mac

Hey Peeps,
I’ve just finished my first movie score which I am super proud of, so I wanted to share a bit of it to those that are interested. I don’t think I’ll release it but I’m putting my fave bits up on my myspace player for you to listen to.

“Beautiful” is a low budget aussie movie portraying the darker side of suburbia. It’s in cinemas now so be sure to check it out.

Today I’ve put these tracks up:

1. Beautiful. This is the opening title sequence. It’s kind of a fractured fucked up fairytale piece that came to me as I was riding my motorbike.

2. The Backyard of Earthy Delights. This is for when one of the characters Danny goes wandering through the neighbours garden looking for evidence of nastiness.

3. On A Mission. Danny goes to confront the killer – a mash of string and electronics.

4. Sherrie’s Lament – This piece is for when Sherrie goes to have an abortion. The pictures moved me so much I wrote possibly the saddest peice of music I’ve ever written. When I first played this to the producer and director they were both crying. I used the opportunity to ask for more budget so I could have real strings and they ended up saying yes. yaaaaaaay!

So that’s it for now, stay posted and I’ll chuck up some more music from the film soon.

Feel free to write and tell me what you think.

I hope you enjoy it.

Check it out here: www.myspace.com/paulmac

stay happy